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WAV Joiner

What is WAV Joiner used for?

WAV Joiner is used to combine two or more recorded WAV format sound files into one large WAV file.

It can be useful if you are working with recording and track splitting programs like LP Recorder and LP Ripper and are processing a large number of WAV files. There are a number of situations where it can be helpful, including:

Processing Multiple WAV files at once

Sometimes you want to process a number of WAV files identically. For example, you may be using a noise reduction program to remove the clicks and pops from recordings. Many noise reduction programs are designed to process only one WAV file at a time and each file can take several minutes to process. By combining the WAV files into one you can leave the processing unattended. Once it has finished, you can use LP Ripper to split the tracks before burning them to CD.

Fixing incorrectly split tracks

If you have split two tracks at the wrong place and have deleted the original files, you can use WAV Joiner to join the files together and then use LP Ripper to split them at the correct place.

Tracks which span two sides

Some recordings (particularly Classical) have been known to split a long track across two sides of an LP. You can use WAV Joiner to combine them into one.

Removing sections from within a track

If the stylus temporarily sticks in a groove during a recording, as can happen if the LP is warped or scratched, it is necessary to remove the repeated section. A general purpose WAV Editor is the recommended tool for this job. However, if you do not have such an editor, you can use LP Ripper to save the parts of the track on either side of the repeated section as two separate WAV files, and then use WAV Joiner to join them together.


Can I try it out?

Download the trial copy of WAV Joiner. It includes all features of the registered full version for you to try except that it only combines the first two files in the list. When you have installed it, follow the step by step instructions in the WAV Joiner > Quick Start Guide which you will find on your Windows Start Menu, for an easy way to get going.