What's New in WAV Joiner

Version 5.0.1 2003-2021 CFB Software
Last Updated 28 Oct 2021

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Website:   https://www.cfbsoftware.com

A summary of changes to WAV Joiner since version 1.0:

Windows Support

Wav Joiner is supported on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.


Show Special Folder names

A number of Special Folders with names such as Documents, Music etc. (My Documents, My Music on some versions of Windows) are pre-installed on Windows systems. These names are abbreviations for username-specific folders. When one of these Special Folders is selected in the WAV Folder or Target Folder box on the WAV Joiner Options > Preferences > Folders screen the Special Folder name is displayed instead of the full name.

Uncheck this option if you want to see the full names of the Special Folders wherever they appear on WAV Joiner screens. 

NOTE: The full folder names (e.g. c:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\My Music) are shown in a tooltip when you hover the mouse over a Special Folder name on the Preferences > Folders screen and the Preview Files track selection combo box.


Directories are now referred to as Folders throughout. Folder names can only be entered via a dialog box to help ensure that a valid, existing, folder is chosen and to support the display of Special Folder names.

The default folder for a new installation when creating WAV files is the user's My Music or Music folder depending on which version of Windows you are using.  A new folder can be created by clicking on the Make New Folder button when browsing folders in which to save the WAV file.

The Trial version is clearly identified on the title bar.

If Xitel's INport is connected and identified by Windows it is not included in the Playback device list. The INport can only be used as a Recording device so this prevents it from being selected for playback by mistake.

Unlimited number of files

Join a virtually unlimited number of files in one session - the number is no longer restricted to 63. The only constraint is that the size of the combined file must be less than 2GB - approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes of CD-quality stereo recording.

Additional supported formats

Join 8-bit WAV files, as well as 16-bit WAV files, in both Mono and Stereo formats and a range of sampling rates. WAV files created using Windows Media Player 11, Broadcast Wave files from digital recorders etc. are also supported.

Selected files

Copy to clipboard

Copy the contents of the display (filenames, sizes and times separated by Tabs) to the standard Windows Clipboard to be used in other applications.