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Setup LP Ripper v10 or later to use an MP3 Encoder

You can setup version 10 or later of LP Ripper to use it with most command-line encoders. If you do not already have such an encoder on your system, one that we have tried and seems to work well is the Lame MP3 encoder. Follow these instructions to use it with LP Ripper:

1. Download the Encoder

You can download a copy of Lame from:

There are several versions available. The version we tried was v3.98.4.

2. Install the Lame MP3 Encoder

The Lame download is compressed as a zip folder. You MUST extract all of the files from the zip folder to a folder on your system. e.g. C:\Lame Encoder

3. Configure LP Ripper to use the Lame Encoder

a) Start LP Ripper and select Preferences from the Options menu 

b) Click on the Encoder tab

c) Click on the folder button next to the Program file box, and locate the file lame.exe which you extracted onto your system in step (2).

d) Click on the Parameters box or the button next to it. A window showing a list of Preset Encoder Preferences is displayed.

e) Click on the entry MP3-2 to select it and then click on the OK button to close the window.

You should see the following entry appear in the Parameters box:

-b % infile.wav outfile.mp3

f) Click on OK to close the Preferences screen.

4. Create MP3 Files from LP Ripper tracks

Now, whenever you have used LP Ripper to split a WAV file into separate tracks, select Encode Tracks from the LP Ripper File menu instead of Save Tracks if you want to save the tracks as MP3 files. If a Help page or an error message appears when you attempt to encode tracks, go back to Step 2 above and try again.

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