CFB Software

Users' Comments

The support for any question on the system has been tremendous from you people, and I would like to write a very positive review about it.

D.G. - Massillon, OH

I'm still a big fan of your products. I use at least one of them every day.

R.R. - Winnipeg, Canada

I've used your products for years and recommend them often to friends. Good examples of tools that do what you need with a minimum of fluff and overhead.

S.C. - Cypress, TX

Nice interface on the new version. In a way because you guys  made such a good product in the first place it must have been hard to really improve on - its just so straight forward and simple to use - i must have done close to 100 cds from old records on my old version.

A.T. - Richmond, Australia

Your software has made me an avid audio fan again now that I can use my LP collection conveniently with modern computer hardware.

C.C. - Houston, TX

And just to let you know, your software works 100 times better than ********, which I had been trying to use.

W.D. - Winnipeg, Canada

Many thanks what a fantastic company and service.

B.A. - Hillingdon, UK

Thanks for the prompt service. Another reason to invest in your products.

J.W. - Manchester, NH

... by the way, these two programs make converting my vinyl's to CD much easier. I have ******, but LP Ripper and Recorder are much easier to use.

D.B. - Henderson, Australia

And to let you know a bit more - Your software is the best out there! I have now tried 4 or 5 others before yours, and could't figure them out except that I would have to manually record each song on an lp. Unlike yours - where I can record a whole side of an album at a time, name the tracks as they should be named, and then input into Itunes and make usable Cds from the recorded tracks! Thank you so much! Worth every penny!!!!!

E.S. - Houston, TX

Your software is simply brilliant, has made it possible to get my old LPs to disc (slowly) when I get time between work, brings back a lot of memories, thanks

G.T. - Labrador, Australia

Thank you for the fastest and most helpful reply I have ever gotten from a software support person.

M.G. - Alabaster, AL

 ...Thank you for your help. Everything is working great. Two great programs and great support. I'll recommend LP Ripper and LP Recorder...

E.T. - Exeter, NH

...This is going to be fun, and it is really good hear this music again...

R.S. - Davis, CA

I am a 54 year old computer novice. I wanted to accomplish a project and set out to see if a program existed that would help me reach my goal. I found your products and they surpassed my wildest dreams.

Their ease of use and the features available are dynamite! This upgrade can only make the best better. 

C.S. - Harrison, ID

...recently found, to my delight, your wonderful LP Recorder recorder program...

J.M. - Richmond, UK

Hi, Just wanted to say thanks. Your Products (LP Ripper & Recorder) work great and I now can preserve my old albums & cassettes to cd's...

R.R. - Batesville, IN

...and thought I would just say how good your LP programs are - I had forgotten how easy they are!!!

G.R. - Surrey, UK

Just a short note to tell you that your LP Ripper software has made my LP to CD conversion routine so much easier! I can hardly believe it works as good as it does. Most of the time it makes the splits perfect. If not, it takes just a small tweak to get it right. Thanks for a great little piece of software that works as advertised!

R.M. - Walker, LA

...LP Ripper is a super program that is saving me tons of time converting my old vinyl collection to CD. Thanks for writing it...

M.M. - Tulsa, OK

...LP Ripper works exactly as claimed! Neat!...

J.K. - Canton, OH

...BTW, I got 20 12 inch LP's, both sides on one CD. And I'm having a lot of fun doing this...

M.A. - Toronto, Canada

...By the way, it's a great program, does everything it's supposed to, and
picks up the gaps between tracks really well. Thanks...

C.A. - Luton, U.K.

...This is such a great bit of software. Before Ripper, transferring an LP to CD was a real pain. Now it's painless! 

D.B. - Huntsville, AL

...I would just like to say that the software is great and the support cannot be surpassed. It has be an invaluable tool in converting my record collection to CD's and I will recommend it to others...

R.M. - Wayne, NJ

...Thanks again for your support, much better than I had expected for shareware, I'll certainly recommend you. The LPripper package is fantastic...

P.S. - Henley in Arden, U.K.

...I have really enjoyed using your software. It really cuts time off putting my reel to reel tapes and LP albums onto my PC...

T.H. - Sugar Land, TX

...I have already recommended your brilliant little music tool to various colleagues...

N.S. - Oslo, Norway

...Tks for all your help and very impressive service!

G.R. - Surrey, U.K.

...Thank you for working on LP Ripper. I'm glad I registered it!

V.L. - West Bend, WI

...Thank you for your speedy help. It was the fastest reply that I have ever received. It also was right on the money...

F.J. - Indianapolis, IN