What's New in LP Recorder

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Last Updated 28 Oct 2021

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A summary of changes to LP Recorder since version 8.0:

Windows Support

LP Recorder is supported on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Split Tracks

If you have finished recording an LP or cassette and want to separate it into tracks ready to burn to a CD or convert to MP3 files, select Split Tracks from the File menu. This will launch the separate LP Ripper program if it has been installed on your system and it will automatically open the recording you have just made.

Audio Settings

Recording type

Select one of the following three options:

Recording time limit

If you are unable to use the Auto stop feature with your audio equipment you can now set a time limit for each recording so that LP Recorder will not continue recording silence once your LP or tape has finished playing. 

The recording will automatically stop when the Recorded time shown on the main LP Recorder screen reaches the time limit. The minimum value allowed for the time limit is five minutes; the maximum value is 3 hours and 20 minutes - equivalent to the maximum WAV file size of 2GB.


If file exists

When you attempt to record to a file that already exists you can append the new recording to the existing file or delete the existing file. You can select your preference from one of three options:

Show Special Folder names

A number of Special Folders with names such as Documents, Music etc. (My Documents, My Music on some versions of Windows) are pre-installed on Windows systems. These names are abbreviations for username-specific folders. When one of these Special Folders is selected in the Folder or Filename box on the main LP Recorder screen the Special Folder name is displayed instead of the full name.

Uncheck this option if you want to see the full names of the Special Folders wherever they appear on LP Recorder screens. 

NOTE: The full folder names (e.g. c:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\My Music) are shown in a tooltip when you hover the mouse over a Special Folder name.


File > New has been renamed to File > Open. It is primarily used to open existing WAV files to playback in LP Recorder but it can also be used to select an existing recording to be appended to, or to be recorded over. If the existing file is a valid WAV file, its length (time) is shown in the Time Recorded display.

Directories are now referred to as Folders throughout. Folder names can only be entered via a dialog box to help ensure that a valid, existing, folder is chosen and to support the display of Special Folder names.

An error message is displayed if Auto stop causes the recording to be stopped after 20 seconds because no input signal is detected. This most common cause is that the audio equipment has not been correctly connected to the computer.

The Trial version is clearly identified on the title bar.

If Xitel's INport USB recording device is connected and identified by Windows it is not included in the Playback device list. The INport can only be used as a Recording device so this prevents it from being selected for playback by mistake.

The Recording Selection option, balance and mute controls used in some earlier versions are no longer supported.