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Some frequently asked questions are listed below. If your question is not answered here, e-mail  Attach a copy of your schedule file to help to illustrate the problem.

Q. Can Home or Away schedule seven leagues with nine to sixteen teams in each?

A. Yes, Home or Away can handle your leagues as long as they can all be scheduled independently of each other. You would create a separate schedule file for each of your leagues. As each schedule can have as many as 100 teams in it, sixteen will not be a problem.

Q. Can I merge two or more schedules together?

A. Yes. You can merge schedules by exporting the schedules and merging them in a Word Processor, Spreadsheet or Database program. Convert the schedules to text files in Home or Away by selecting File | Export and creating a CSV (short for comma separated values) text file. Most Word Processors, Spreadsheets and Database programs have a facility to import CSV text files. Just import one schedule after another. You can then use the program's reporting capabilities to print the schedule just the way you want it. 

Q. Can I avoid scheduling teams twice on the same day?

A. Yes. You can specify a minimum number of days break between games. For example, if you want to try to ensure that no team plays more than once on the same day, set the value of Days between games to 1 when you generate the schedule. How successful Home or Away is at achieving this depends on your combination of teams, playing times and days etc. Any remaining time clashes can be removed by manually modifying the games.