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Home or Away - User's Comments

...Last year was a scheduling nightmare. El Nino in Southern California brought rain constantly though out our season. We had four major scheduling revisions in that division alone. Your program was instrumental in getting the job done. Our program has 1200 kids participating... C.G. - Redlands, CA

...I want to tell you I love your program! Your program is the only program that I have found that after generating the round robin allows me to manually change the home and away teams! Most programs once it has made the schedule will let you change times, dates, etc, but they never let you change the teams and who they play. This is the software I have been looking for and it is so easy to use, and less expensive that almost all I have seen... A.B. - Toms River, NJ

...It's an amazing program, saved me hours of scheduleing time... C.S. - Toronto, Canada

...I have viewed many programs such as your's, and have found Home and Away to be clear and easy to use, far better than the others...your program has saved me many hours and my sanity... S.W. - Sacramento, CA

...Great job, ... this program has solved several scheduling issues I've incurred... THANKS... R.F. - Maine, USA

...I tried the shareware and I was pleasantly suprised at how simple it was... S.D. - Hamilton, NJ

...Thanks for your quick respones...All is working fine. Now that's what I call service ! R.D. - Prospect, Australia

...I appreciate your fast response. I also have to tell you that this is a great product. Saves me some serious headaches.... M.M. - Pleasanton, CA

...after being frustrated by attending league after league where the schedules aren't finalized until the 2nd or 3rd week, it's a pleasure to see that someone has decided to take it upon themselves to produce a very effective s/ware that is simple to use... K.E. - Mission Viejo, CA

...I evaluated your program and ***, and *** - I think yours was the best... B.W. - Perth, Australia

...The software is fantastic and has saved me enormous time and headaches... T.C. - Montreal, Canada