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CFB Word Games are three Microsoft Windows word games that will appeal to crossword enthusiasts and anybody who enjoys the challenge of word puzzles.

Each game has several levels and 500 different puzzles. As each level increases in difficulty your score increases but you are always racing against the clock! If you finish more quickly you will get a higher score. The top ten scores for each game are recorded in a High Scores table.

The free trial editions can be used for an unlimited time. Download them now.

CFB SpotWord CFB MasterWord CFB WordJubbler

CFB SpotWord

Find as many words as you can using the nine letters displayed. Each word must contain the central highlighted letter and scores a number of points based on the number of letters used. Each puzzle has three levels based on the number of words that you have guessed correctly and includes one nine-letter word. You score additional bonus points when you reach a new level.

CFB MasterWord

Guess a four-letter word selected by the computer with as few tries as possible. For each guess MasterWord shows how many letters you have guessed correctly and how many others are right but in the wrong position. There are three different levels - the harder the level, the higher is your potential score.

CFB WordJubbler

Make words from random sets of letters chosen by the computer. You don't have to use all the letters, but you get higher scores for longer words. The first level starts with four letters. Once you have made 3 words you advance to the next level and get an extra letter to use. The game is won when you have made three correct words from sets of eight letters.

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