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Technical Support
Troubleshooting Common Problems
A list of the most common problems and their solutions can be found in the Help files supplied with each program.  For example, if you have a problem with LP Recorder:

1. Click on the Windows Start button
2. Select All Programs > LP Recorder > LPRecorder Help
3. When the Help file is displayed on the screen, select Troubleshooting > Solutions to common problems

CFB Software Customers:
Lost Registration Details or Installation Files
If you purchased your software either directly from us or ShareIt and have lost your registration details send us an email with your full name, location and email address that you used on your original order. If we are able to locate your registration details in our system using the information you provided we will email you a copy for no charge. If you ordered or upgraded in the last 12 months we can also provide replacement download links.
If you no longer have the installation files that you downloaded when your ordered the software you can still order an upgrade to the latest version to get replacements. You will get a new set of registration details. You do not need your original software or registration details to be able to order, download or install the latest versions.

Xitel INport and INport Deluxe Customers:
Lost Registration Number or Xitel CD
If you have lost your registration number that was printed on the Xitel CD sleeve we have no way of knowing what it was. We are unable to supply copies of the Xitel CDs.

You do not need your original software or registration number to be able to order, download and install the latest (v11) versions of LP Recorder and LP Ripper. Xitel's customers are currently eligible for the same discounted upgrade prices as our own customers.
Technical Support
The latest versions of LP Recorder and LP Ripper that we produced for Xitel to bundle with their INport were developed in 2007. We are no longer able to provide technical support for these versions.
If you order an upgrade we can provide support for your use of the latest (v11) versions of LP Recorder and LP Ripper with your INport or INport Deluxe device on Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7.

Other Problems

If you are a registered user of the latest versions or you are using the trial version and are unable to find a solution to your problem in the Help files, technical support is available. First, enter your software Registration Number:

Trial Version users
Enter Trial as your Registration Number.

CFB Software customers
Enter your registration number from the email sent to you when you ordered the software.

Registration Number *

Then complete the rest of the form and click on the Send button:

Your Name *
Your Email Address *

Operating System *

Problem summary *

Detailed description of the problem *  


A few seconds or so after you click on the Submit button you should see the confirmation Your message has been sent next to the button.  If not, check the form for error messages.

A copy of your message is also emailed to you when you click on the Send button. If you do not receive it shortly check that you entered your correct email address on the form.

On business days you will normally receive a reply by email within 24 hours. At all other times you should receive a reply on the next business day at the latest.

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