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Using an MP3 Encoder with LP Ripper v10 or later

NOTE: The FastEncc default MP3 encoder used in versions of LP Ripper earlier than v10 was hosted on a Geocities site which no longer exists.

Select About from your LP Ripper Help menu to see which version of LP Ripper you have.

  • If you have version v10 or later:
    Click here for instructions on how to download and setup an MP3 encoder to use with LP Ripper v10 or later.

LP Record Playing Equipment
Here are some links that you will find useful if:
  • you do not already have any record playing equipment
  • your amplifier does not have a suitable phono input
  • you want to upgrade your existing setup
We have not included manufacturers who specialise in equipment that is at the extreme low-end or high-end of the possible price range. The ranges quoted are approximate prices in $US and should be used as an indicative guide only.
Turntables ($200 - $3500)
Manufacturer Country
Pro-Ject Austria
Rega UK
Stanton USA
Thorens Germany
Cartridges ($50 - $500)
Manufacturer Country
Goldring UK
Ortofon Denmark
Shure USA
Stanton USA
Phono Preamps ($100 - $250)
Manufacturer Country
Pro-Ject Austria

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