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Convert your Vinyl LPs, cassettes or tapes to CDs or MP3 files

Converting your LPs, cassettes or tapes to CDs is a great way of storing and playing your favourite music. You can now listen to your LPs in the car, on the computer etc. - anywhere you have a CD player - and the sound quality does not deteriorate like it does with vinyl or tape.

If you convert the tracks to MP3 you can store the equivalent of a dozen LPs onto a single CD to play on an MP3-compatible CD player. With a software MP3 player like WinAmp, or a portable MP3 player like the Apple iPod, you can play any mix of tracks you like.

Either way, you can play your music as often as you like, without damaging the originals.

If you have already tried to do this you'll have discovered how fiddly and time-consuming it is, recording each track as a WAV file to record to CD or converting it to an MP3 file. 

LP Ripper makes the task much easier by automatically splitting a recording of a whole LP or cassette into separate tracks. It is designed to be used with the recording software LP Recorder and the standard audio CD-burning software LP Burner

LP Recorder, LP Ripper and LP Burner are used together to record an LP or cassette to a CD in this way:

  • Use LP Recorder to record both sides of your LP or tape to a single CD-quality WAV file onto your hard disk.
  • Select Split Tracks from the LP Recorder menu to launch LP Ripper to split the large WAV file into a separate WAV file for each track.
  • Select Burn Tracks from the LP Ripper menu to launch LP Burner to copy the resulting track WAV files to a blank CD-R disk.
  • Alternatively, LP Ripper can use a command-line MP3 Encoder to produce an MP3 file for each track ready to be used by iTunes or similar MP3 library software.

Refer to the Quickstart Guide supplied with each program for more detailed step-by-step instructions.


  • Listen to previews of the tracks.
  • Adjust the fade-in / fade-out of selected tracks – useful for live recordings.
  • Replace the hiss between tracks with silence.
  • Copy / Paste / Edit Tracks names from track listings
  • Save editing progress between sessions.
  • Use LP Recorder .TRK files for fast operation
  • Supported on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 10, 8 and 7

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  • Visual Track Trimming
    Trim the start and end of each track visually to a precision of 0.1 seconds by dragging the track marker on the graphical display. The upper display shows the recording level of all of the tracks, highlighting the track you are trimming. The lower display shows the track you are trimming in detail.

  • Instant Analysis
    Track detection is lightning fast. You can experiment with different sensitivity levels and numbers of tracks in seconds.

  • Insert silence before and after tracks.
  • Save editing progress between sessions.
  • Optionally store MP3 album title, track name etc. (ID3 Tags) with the MP3 file.
  • Control MP3 or WMA Encoder quality with a slider control.
  • System requirements, list of files etc.

Can I try it out?

Download the trial copy of LP Ripper. It includes all features of the registered full version for you to use for an unlimited time except that it only saves the first two tracks.

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