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Do you schedule sports leagues?

If you have created schedules by hand you will know how difficult and time consuming it is - especially if you are trying to treat each team fairly. Home or Away can create basic schedules in minutes and its team, location and time summaries give an instant check that all is OK.  It has a range of advanced features to handle more complex schedules. It is designed for a wide range of sports and treats each team as equally as it can. Schedules and team sheets can be printed in a variety of ways, or exported to a spreadsheet or word processor for even greater reporting flexibility.

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What sort of schedules does Home or Away produce?

The schedules produced by Home or Away are balanced:

  • Each team plays every other team the same number of times
  • Each team plays every other team before any rematches
  • Each team has a fair mix of home and away games
  • Home and away streaks are minimised
  • Playing locations can be shared

Can I try it out?
The free trial edition can be used for an unlimited time. Download a copy now.

Who uses Home or Away to schedule leagues?
Home or Away has been used for the last 20 years to schedule leagues:
  • in more than twenty different countries - from Australia to Zimbabwe
  • for more than thirty different sports
  • soccer, football, baseball, snooker, darts, paintball etc. etc.
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