What's New in CPIde

Version 3.4.0 2006-2017 CFB Software
Last Updated 17 Dec 2017

E-Mail:   info@cfbsoftware.com
Website:   http://www.cfbsoftware.com/cpide

The new features introduced in updates to CPIde since version 3.0 are:


Search / Replace History

The ten most recent search / replace targets in the CPIde editor are saved from session to session. 

Syntax Highlighting

Three additional categories have been added to the Syntax Highlighting options. You can now set separate font styles and colours for:

When the syntax-highlighting example window is displayed in Tools > Options > Syntax Colours you can modify the sample text to check the resulting syntax-highlighting effect.

Status Bar

The full pathname of the current file is displayed on the status bar.

Character Set Options

The Font Style setting of the Font dialog box accessed from the Tools > Options > Editor is used to set the relevant Windows codepage to display characters as required:

The default character set used is Western i.e. CodePage 1252, Latin-1.


General Editing Features