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You are eligible for technical support using the form below if you are running the latest version of CPIde (v3.4.0) and your support period has not expired. Check your CPIde Help > About screen to see which version you have.

On business days you will normally receive a reply by email within 24 hours. At all other times you should receive a reply on the next business day at the latest.

NOTE: If the problem is related to compilation or linking you may need to provide a copy of the source code of the shortest program which demonstrates the error and a copy of any relevant diagnostic and error messages. Report the problem here and then await further instructions before sending your source code.

  • Enter your CPIde Registration Number on the form to ensure that your request is assigned the highest priority.

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A few seconds or so after you click on the Submit button you should see the confirmation Your message has been sent next to the button.  A copy of your message is also emailed to you.  If you do not receive it shortly check that you entered your correct email address on the form.